Woolies staff went above and beyond for distraught customer.

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can cause the largest amount of stress. For Leanne Page, 40, from Morayfield, it was being unable to find her autistic son, three-year-old Tyler’s favourite food in any of her local supermarkets. After contacting them directly and expressing her desperation, the heroes at Woolies hand-delivered ‘Keith’s Foods Mini Dagwood Dogs’ for Tyler and saved the day. 

Image source: News.com.au

This is our story of gratitude for Woolies and the online community for banding together and being by the side of a mum in need. 

According to an article from News.com.au, Leanne was so overwhelmed by the kindness of the Woolies staff, she wanted to publicly recognise their good deed by posting it on ‘The Kindness Pandemic’ Facebook group. Overnight the post had gone ‘on to attract almost 10,000 likes and hundreds of comments from people who were also in awe of the thoughtful response.’ 

Many parents with children that would only consume very particular foods for a variety of reasons sang their praises for Woolies with one woman commenting ‘that is beautiful – firstly from them and then from you. My eight-year-old son has ASD and only has 14 foods, if something is out of stock it’s devastating.’  

And the surprises didn’t end there, just four days after Woolie’s delivery, another member of the Facebook group, Karen, ‘went above and beyond to find her little boy a box of 30 (mini dagwood dogs) and drive an hour-and-a-half just to deliver it.’ Not only that, but Leanne reported that Karen ‘said she spoke to her boss and they have decided that for however long my son eats these products they would supply us with 150 free’. This small gesture meant the world to Leanne, who reported that she was ‘totally gobsmacked and don’t know how to thank them.’  

This whole wonderful experience was thanks to kind, understanding people within a community banding together to make a stranger’s life that little bit easier. Leanne told us ‘my faith in humanity has been restored’, and we couldn’t agree more. 

Imagine if we all went out of our way to help a stranger in need today. Just one, small act of kindness could seem like nothing to you, but could mean the world to someone who’s living in difficult circumstances: a small kindness could totally change someone’s life. 

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