Wild in Art does ‘gratitude’

Even if you’ve never heard of Wild In Art before, we bet you’ve seen some of their work. The incredible, UK-based organisation create giant sculptures in locations around the world to raise awareness for various causes, from bees in Manchester to Owls in New Zealand, and now its newest concept is gratitude sculptures. Pretty fitting eh?! 

Charlie Langhorn, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Wild in Art, spoke about the organisation’s excitement for this new concept in a video on their website, stating that ‘gratitude is going to be big, it’s going to be brilliant, it’s going to be exciting’. 

Image source: itsnicethat.com 

The gratitude sculptures have been specially created to celebrate the key, front-line workers within the NHS who have been working their socks off to keep the public safe and healthy during the COVID19 pandemic. Mr A Singh, an artist who is involved in the project, gave his opinion of the sculpture’s design, stating that ‘it has feminine and masculine features which I think is brilliant’. He’s proud to be involved in such a positive project, ‘it’s a really nice opportunity for the artists to showcase their gratitude for the NHS through art and storytelling’. 

There will be 49 sculptures across 4 locations, these ‘uniquely-designed human form sculptures’ will be found in major cities such as Birmingham and London and will be arranged in a ‘display which invites contemplation and takes visitors on a creative journey of discovery.’ according to the Wild in Art website.  

Julie Gaskell, Head of Partnerships, explains that to reduce stress on government funding, Wild in Art are inviting businesses to ‘sponsor’ a sculpture by funding its creation as a means of showing their gratitude to the NHS. Each sculpture needs a business ‘to promote and look after it and be part of something that I think is going to be really, truly unique next year.’ 

Imagine if we all found a way to use our business, social media or even just our voices to give back and show our gratitude for all of the hard work our front-line health workers have put in this year. Artist, Jess Perrin sums the sentiment up perfectly, saying that the gratitude project aims to ‘show the community coming back together after COVID19 and really celebrate the community as one’  

What are you grateful for? Say thank you the best way we know how, by sharing your story on sharegratitude.com