Wells on Wheels, making water more accessible in rural India

If you’re struggling to think of something you’re grateful for today, take a stroll to a tap and pour yourself a glass of water. Probably took you a matter of seconds, right? Well, for some families living in rural India, the trip for that life-saving sustenance is a very different experience: one that requires women to ‘carry the weight of a standard airline bag (sometimes two at a time) on her head, for hours in the 40-degree heat’.  

This is India’s story of gratitude to Wells on Wheels for helping to keep rural women safe and families healthy. 

Enter, Wells on Wheels: an inspiring company that has developed a rolling water-transportation contraption that is changing lives of families in rural India for the better. According to the W.O.W website, ‘these round containers enable water collectors to roll liquid from wells rather than carry it on their heads. It can hold up to five times more water than a single bucket.’  

This easier method of transportation means less physical loading on women which reduces the ‘potential to cause injury which could lead to musculoskeletal disorders, such as neck or back pain, and even disability’ which women have been dealing with for generations in order to provide clean water for their families. 

It’s not just the women whose lives Wells on Wheels will be changing, it’s children too. With several trips usually being made to be able to collect enough water each day, children are expected to help. This means that they often miss out on other opportunities including education and playing with other children. Wells on Wheels gives this opportunity back to children such as Karuna who can now spend the time she’s previously had to spend carrying water, in the classroom instead to better her future.  

Imagine if we all took the time to support a charity or a cause that meant something to us, today. Make a small donation or get involved in a fundraiser: something as small as giving up your daily coffee for a week or two and donating it to Wells on Wheels could pay for a simple contraption that could totally change someone’s life for the better.  

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