V for Victori-a, sending love across the nation

The residents of Melbourne and wider Victoria have experienced some of the longest and strictest lockdown rules in Australia. With a growing unemployment rate and the doors of countless businesses, unfortunately, having to close, it’s been a trying time for Victorians in countless ways. This year has bought monetary troubles, isolation and decline in mental health. In the midst of it all, V for Victori-a was created to turn it around with a message of hope and solidarity.  

Image source: @bycharlieryan on Instagram

This is Victoria’s story of gratitude for V for Victori-a . 

Founder of V for Victori-a, Charlie Ryan, who is a Melbourne-based artist and designer, created the campaign as a direct response to the State going into a second tough COVID-19 lockdown. On the official website, Charlie explained that “It’s something to remind us that we’re not alone, but all in this together. With a safe, simple and unifying hand gesture we can send a message of love and hope across Victoria, Australia and beyond.” 

From posters spread around the state, to merchandise carrying the V for Victoria logo, the brains behind this campaign are doing everything they can to spread a positive message to unite Victorians during this trying time. Now, more than ever, it’s important to be united against the struggles that COVID-19 has brought upon us.  

The V for Victori-a website gave us more of an insight into the concept behind the campaign: ‘The creation of ‘V for Victoria‘, which has up-cycled the original Winston Churchill ‘V for Victory’ (and peace symbol of the sixties and seventies) has been re purposed to represent our united fight for victory against COVID-19 and its greater flow-on effects across Victoria, Australia and beyond.’ 

Imagine if all of us used the skills we have to bring positivity and support into the communities around us. We can sometimes feel a bit helpless during tough times, but let’s follow Charlie’s example and take the chance that you might just make someone’s day. Together, we are stronger.  

We’re so grateful for the work that V for Victori-a are doing to spread positivity during these difficult times. What are you grateful for? Say thank you the best way we know how; by sharing your message on sharegratitude.com