St Mark’s staff going the extra mile with music

Senior Consultant Gastroenterologist, Dr Max Pitcher, has had a long career at St Marks Hospital, UK supporting patients with IBD, but the medical industry is not the extent of his talents. Max is also a talented violinist and has been using his musical skills to serenade COVID19 patients throughout the pandemic. 


This is the St Mark’s patient’s and staff’s story of gratitude for Dr Max Pitcher and his uplifting music. 

They say music is medicine, and in some ways, that’s true. For Patient Alicia who suffered with COVID19 for four weeks ended up hospitalised by the virus. It was during this difficult and traumatic time that Dr Pitcher was doing his rounds on the wards with his violin, she describes the musical experience as overwhelming and a wonderful surprise. 

Dr Pitcher explains how he wanted to, and continues to use music to inspire hope during these uncertain times. He explains that “through violin playing at the hospital, I have been able to cut through the harsh reality and create a special moment that people could connect with. I have looked into the patients face and seen it change.” 

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