Spider-Man jogger spreading smiles around Melbourne in lockdown

We’re all looking for something to bring a smile to our faces in lockdown and 36-year-old trainee psychologist Stuart Tyson is giving us just that. Having kept his identity under wraps for months, he eventually outed himself as the mystery jogger who could be seen getting his daily allotted hour of exercise around St Kilda dressed in a full-body Spider-Man suit.  

Image via @leighhenningham on Twitter 

This is St Kilda’s story of gratitude for their friendly neighbourhood jogger: Spider-Man. 

In a report by The Sydney Morning Herald, Tyson explained his reasoning behind adorning the costume for his jogs was due to his own mental health struggled whilst being in lockdown, deciding to bring “something surprising and playful into my own life, and a really fun thing to introduce into the public”. 

Locals have been thrilled to see their friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man roaming the streets and Tyson has reported having tons of engagement from members of the community: “I’ve been requested to fly up trees and buildings by some children and to shoot my web, which I have politely declined,” he says. 

He reported struggling a bit with his breathing at first, being ‘double-masked’ and all. “I breathe as best as I can,” he explained. “The main thing is pacing myself. I have built up ‘suit fitness’.” Tyson has revealed the key is to breathe out of your nose and mouth- sounds like a very intense way to build up your stamina to us.  

Imagine if we all dressed up as our favourite character for our next venture outside, we could bring so much joy to children in the neighbourhood and put smiles on people’s faces. And with Halloween around the corner and no scope for parties in many places around the world, why not take the opportunity to get dress up and take to the streets!  

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