Rick’s Streetside Café, offering free coffee and conversation to those who need it most

After having to take a step back from his day job as an Acrobat, Rick Everett, who was able to claim JobKeeper payments, decided he wasn’t content with sitting idly by whilst others were struggling due to the impacts of COVID19. Rick found the perfect way to give back to his community: by opening Rick’s Streetside Cafe, offering free coffee and complementary chats to his neighbours.

(Image Supplied: Rick Everett via 9news) 

This is Sydney’s Story of Gratitude for Rick’s Streetside Cafe.

Being unable to continue his day job, Rick decided to reach out to members of his community, offering to run errands and help out in any way he could. When he had no takers on his offers, he started to think outside the box and was struck with a brilliant idea. 

According to a report by 9 News: Rick said “I was making a coffee and I was just staring out the window and I thought, ‘Hey, I’ve got a kitchen window that faces the street and a coffee machine.'” 

And so, Rick set up his cafe complete with a sign reading “free coffee and complimentary chats” and a bell for customers to ring to attract his attention. The small gesture of sharing his coffee and exchanging a few kinds words was a ray of positivity within the community and Everett reported that “the response has been really, really beautiful.”  

Not only has he brought smiles to the faces of his neighbours, but he also expanded his social circle, reporting that “I’ve met all the people that live around me, so many people that I’ve never even seen before.” Coffee was the fuel, but conversations was the spark: according to Rick, “On an average day, I make about six or seven coffees but I actually get more people who ring the coffee bell just to talk to me than I do to make coffees.” 

Imagine if we all utilised this extra time we have on our hands to reach out to our neighbours and those around us in need. We could offer to make them coffee; to run an errand for them or even just to take the time to chat. Be a positive light within your community and support those who may be struggling during these difficult times.  

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