How to ‘Share Gratitude’: a users guide.

“Share Gratitude is the first dedicated platform that provides an inclusive space for anyone, from anywhere, to express their gratitude in a matter of seconds. There is no registration or sign-in required; individuals can quickly and seamlessly send specific messages, track the impact of that message, and get meaningful feedback on the reach and impact their message had on the global community.” – Don Amal Francis, Founder. 

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The platform is made with convenience in mind: no sign-up is required and navigation is incredibly user-friendly.  

Step 1) Click get started! 

It’s as easy as that, you’re in! Welcome to Share Gratitudedoesn’t it feel great to be in this little positive pocket of the internet? Let’s take a look around.  

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The option bar on the left allows you to navigate through site pages. I think we should start with sharing a little love. 

Step 2) Gratitude 

Click on the ‘Gratitude’ button to make your first post. Don’t be shy, share with the world what you’re grateful for today. Did you have a nice chat with your Postie this morning? Are you grateful to a colleague who took on some of your workload when you were feeling overwhelmed? Or are you just grateful for good coffee?  

-Write your message in the designated box. 

-Set your recipients location – you can be as specific or as vague as you’d like. For example, you can say ‘London’ or you can say ‘St Georges Hospital’.  

-Now, name your recipient so they can see your lovely message.  

-Set your own location. 

-Pick a display name. This will be how your name is shown on the feed.  

-Click share. 

That’s it! Wow, look at you go – you just made your first post! How easy was that? 

Step 3) Consume the good stuff 

Now for the really fun part, you get to read other people’s posts and see all the wonderful things they’re grateful for. Can you think of a better way to spend your morning commute? Or the time you’re waiting for the barista to bring out your coffee? We can’t! 

Click on the ‘community’ button and browse through the wonderful stories of people within your community. What an uplifting place to be. 

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Step 4) Look at all that impact 

The ‘world’ tab is very special: it allows you to see the impact of all of the Share Gratitude activity from all around the world. Keep up to date with how many posts of gratitude have been put out into the world as well as seeing where they’re coming from.  

This was a great way to spend ten minutes of your day, wasn’t it? We should do this again.