Glasgow-based charity providing support to vulnerable women

At the most difficult times in life, the biggest relief can come from someone who will spend time with you, listen and provide support. For women entering parenthood for the first time, having an amazing support person is irreplaceable. Going through the experience alone or in a vulnerable state, the experience can even be traumatic.  

Amma Birth Companions is an organisation that pairs vulnerable pregnant women, including refugees and asylum-seekers, with birthing partners so that they can have the support they need. 

Image Source: Positive News. 

This is Glasgow’s message of gratitude to the amazing work of Amma Birth Companions, and their incredible support for vulnerable women 

According to an article by Positive News, ‘Amma has 30 volunteer birth companions and has so far supported 45 vulnerable women, many of them refugees’. The charity doesn’t just offer support during birth, they continue to care for these women to ensure they’re secure and stable when they head into the world of motherhood. ‘The charity helps mothers find support for housing and asylum applications, and organises social activities to help them form friendships.’ 

The article tells the story of Alvine, who ‘was 29 weeks pregnant, homeless in a foreign city and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder when her midwife referred her to Amma Birth Companions.’ Alvina reported that ‘I was in a nightmare situation, Amma was the support system that carried me through.’ 

The organisation was co-founded by Helen and Sarah who both have experienced the challenges that vulnerable mothers face in Glasgow due to their background in midwifery and Asylum seeker support respectively. According to the Amma Birth Companions website, they could see that ‘companions have a proven positive, physical and psychological impact on health and well-being for women and their babies’, which fuelled their desire to create an organisation that offered this unique level of support.  

Imagine if we all took the time to support those more vulnerable than us. Volunteering your time and effort to a project like this, or even just taking the time to visit a local aged care home; community garden or pet rescue centre. Giving your time is the ultimate gift and you could turn someone’s life around in the process. 

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