Essential workers supporting each other during the pandemic

Our essential workers have been our lifeline during this difficult year, but who have they been able to turn to for support? Even if it’s been business as normal for you, others even within the same industry might not necessarily be experiencing the same security.  

Iroshini Makine from Sri Lanka explains how essential workers have been looking out for each other to keep their businesses thriving during the pandemic. A perfect example of this is Iroshini, who ‘works closely with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization on several agriculture development projects’ to ensure farmers had the support they needed to keep working through lockdown.  

Image Source: United Nations Sri Lanka 

According to an article by United Nations, Iroshini has worked relentlessly since Sri Lanka went into lockdown in March: ‘There was not a single day that I spent at home. Agrarian Service Officers were categorized as essential service workers during the COVID-19 pandemic’ and working extended hours isn’t the only way essential workers have been going above and beyond.  

Many kind people like Iroshini have been doing everything they can to support others in their industry. Iroshini explains that ‘although visits to the farming communities I serve were initially limited, I stayed in constant contact with them over the phone to provide advice. We had to support the local production of crops.’  

It’s important during the difficult times to support smaller businesses and help others in your industry any way. Iroshini summarises this beautifully, stating that ‘we cannot abandon our farmers who are driving the food production of the country. Many of these farm families are poor… we have to stand with them, encourage them and help them through the sharing of sound technical knowledge, now more than ever. The future food security of our country depends on it.’ 

Imagine if we all went than extra mile to help other businesses and workers within our industry during these difficult times. A gesture as simple as using a small business as a supplier or hiring someone who has lost their job for a few casual hours a week. Small gestures could make a huge difference. 

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