Captain Tom Moore is heading to the big screen

October 1st marks the United Nations International Day of Older Persons – a chance to share our gratitude toward the older generations of the community, and those who take care of them.  

What better way to celebrate this day than to tip our hat to Captain Tom Moore, the British centenarian who during 2020 raised millions for the NHS, recorded a hit single and was knighted by the Queen. Now, his adventures are now set to be made into a blockbuster movie. Here is the story of the man who stole millions of hearts across the world in 2020.  


This is England’s story of gratitude for Captain Tom Moore for his life of service, and his astronomical fundraising efforts for the NHS 

Many of us have been following the story of former British Army captain and World War II hero, Captain Tom Moore. At the ripe young age of 100, he pulled on the public’s heartstrings by walking 100 laps of his garden to raise money for the NHS. Captain Tom ended up raising £38.9 million ($A69 million) in donations after his efforts were shared on social media by a family member.  

In the process of his incredible fundraising efforts, an article by The New Daily reports that Captain Tom ‘broke two Guinness World Records – for the oldest person to achieve a British No.1 track, displacing Tom Jones, and also for raising the most money on an individual charity walk.’ 

And all of his hard work had payed of, prompting a movie to be made in his honour. In a statement, the producers of the film reported that ‘this is a story about the power of the human spirit and Captain Tom personifies that’. ‘We are honoured to be telling this unique and inspiring story and are excited about audiences getting to know the man behind the headlines.’ 

When discussing his thoughts about the movie, Tom was asked the age-old dinner party question: ‘who would you want to play you in a movie about your life?’ Tom’s response didn’t disappoint. 

“I don’t know of any 100-year-old actors, but I’m sure Michael Caine or Anthony Hopkins could do a wonderful job if they were prepared to age up,” he said. 

Imagine if you could give back to an organisation by doing one seemingly impossible thing… what would you tackle? Who would you share your gratitude for? Captain Tom Moore has proved to us that everyone has the ability to help by simply just doing what they can.  

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