AC Milan offer tickets to front line, health care workers

Most countries have seen a ban on spectators in their arena for sports matches and other event during the pandemic, which has a tough blow to teams and fans alike. When games started opening up again in Italy, Milan’s national Football team, AC Milan, decided to give back those who deserve it most: by giving limited game tickets exclusively to front-line health care workers. 

Photo by Mattia Ozbot/Soccrates/Getty Images 

The crowd were seated according to social distance regulations to ensure they could enjoy the match safely, with a number of seats in between each spectator. It has been reported that the city of Lombardy gave ‘clearance for up to 1,000 fans to attend sports games in outdoor arenas’ allowing AC Milan to play ‘host to fans for the first time in seven months.’  

The club invited ‘doctors and health workers from various medical facilities in the Lombardy region as a sign of gratitude for their efforts in the fight against COVID-19’. The 1000 tickets were ‘distributed to the family members of players, to health workers, the club’s health staff, club affiliates and special guests.’ 

AC Milan brought home a 2-0 win against Bologna and the team reportedly ‘celebrated in front of the 1,000 spectators allowed into the San Siro for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic’ 

Imagine if we all gave what we could to say thank you to our front line health care workers. You may not be able to score them tickets to a football match, but shouting them a coffee, donating to a charity or giving them a shout out on are all great ways to show your appreciation. 

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